Meeting the needs of the general public and the aquaculture industry through technology transfer, workshops, forums, and public education.

Major Current Outreach Projects

Commercial Shellfish Culture: Assistance for potential oyster aquaculture business owners with startup technology information and the details of regulatory compliance

Non-commercial Shellfish Culture: VIMS has an enduring partnership with the Tidewater Oyster Gardeners Association (TOGA) providing liasion services and educational programs including a Master Oyster Gardners Course and scientific advisory services.

Finfish Aquaculture: Closed recirculating Life Support Systems (LSS) with current emphasis on develpoing new marine finfish cultures for life studies, tag and release, ornamental production, and suitability for sustainable farming.

Principle Investigators

Thomas Murray: Marine business and applied economics

Karen Hudson: Shellfish aquaculture informational/advisory assistance

Dan Sennett: Finfish aquaculture informational/advisory assistance