Center for Coastal Resources Management

Education programs offered by CCRM include:

Climate Change & Sea Level Rise

CCRM is engaged with research and education related to climate change and sea level rise in collaboration with the Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic at the William & Mary Law School.  These programs include applied course work for graduate & law students, facilitated workshops for local governments and affected private sector interests, plus multiple lectures and press releases.  Web-based education materials include research reports, sea level rise planning maps, climate change impact forecasts for Virginia, and a climate change database clearinghouse.

Comprehensive Coastal Resource Management Portal (CCRMP)

CCRM has provided tidal shoreline advisory education for many years.  This education program once focused on the regulatory permit review process.  It now centers on providing comprehensive guidance and education earlier in the decision making process.   

A web portal known as the CCRMP was developed to transfer current scientific guidance & GIS tools more efficiently & effectively from CCRM to various shoreline decision makers on a locality specific basis.  Annual training programs are offered to provide orientation.  Additional training and education on portal contents and management applications is provided on demand.  This is a continuing education program intended for:

  • Local government staff directly involved with zoning ordinance enforcement and compliance for environmental protection, including wetlands, Ches. Bay Preservation Act, public works, erosion & sediment control, parks & recreation
  • Local Wetlands Boards & Ches Bay Boards (appointed volunteers)
  • VMRC habitat management division with appellate roles
  • VMRC Commissioners
  • Regulated public (shoreline professionals, contractors, consultants, permit agents, owner-applicants including government, military)

 Shoreline Best Management Practices Online Course 

To support the CCRMP program, an 11 module course with videos and quizzes was developed to provide a self-paced education opportunity for shoreline managers.  This pilot program was launched in 2013 and 33 completion certificates have been awarded to date.  

Pending Proposal: Building a Public Outreach Campaign to Encourage the Use of Living Shorelines for Tidal Erosion Control

If funded by the Virginia Environmental Endowment, this pilot education program will extend and adapt the existing CCRMP program for local governments to shoreline property owners.  Award announcements are expected in October 2014.