Health, Nutrition & Safety

Safe and Nutritious Seafood in Virginia
This publication from Virginia Cooperative Extension is an excellent resource for educators, students, and all consumers. It is a guide to buying, handling, cooking and storage seafood, including health and safety information.

Seafood Nutritional Information
Delaware Sea Grant provides a general overview of seafood nutrition.

Low in Calories, High in Nutrition
General information about the nutritious benefits of fish are covered in this article from Wisconsin Sea Grant.

Seafood is a Healthy Food Choice 
NOAA’s FishWatch provides easy-to-understand science-based facts to help consumers make smart sustainable seafood choices.

The Nutritional Value of Shellfish
A Washington Sea Grant publication outlining the health benefits of eating shellfish in addition to a balanced, low-fat diet.

Seafood Information and Resources
This site provides US Federal Drug Administration guidance and regulatory information, with links to Federal Register documents. You can also access information about food safety programs, manufacturing processes, industry systems, and import/export activities.

Safe Oysters
This site from the California and Georgia Sea Grant programs provides up-to-date information on Vibrio in oysters and safety advisories on oyster consumption, with a comprehensive section for health care professionals.

Consumer Handling and Seafood Safety
Topics on this site include handling and storage, fresh seafood, frozen seafood, raw finfish, and how much seafood to buy.

Seafood Safety
This page provides basic background information and detailed descriptions of food safety hazards that can be associated with seafood and other perishable foods.  Fact sheets on viral and bacterial contaminants, toxins, and parasites included.