Marine Life & Processes: Top Stories

VIMS researchers monitor harmful algal bloom

VIMS researchers continue to monitor a large bloom of Alexandrium monilatum in the lower York River and blooms of Cochlodinium and other species throughout the lower Bay.

Class project inspires research article in Ecology

A study that began as a class project among graduate students at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science is now a peer–reviewed research article in Ecology, the flagship journal of the Ecological Society of America.

VIMS team helps launch Antarctic Quest

Documentary film will highlight Antarctic research by professor Deb Steinberg and colleagues at VIMS, Rutgers, and other PAL-LTER partners.

Ecologists call for preservation of planet’s remaining biodiversity

20 years after the Rio Earth Summit, a team of prominent ecologists calls for renewed international efforts to curb the loss of biological diversity, which is compromising nature’s ability to provide goods and services essential for human well-being.

VIMS research team returns to the Amazon plume

VIMS researchers join an international team to study how the Amazon River's huge freshwater plume affects the biology and chemistry of the Atlantic Ocean.