Electron Microscopy Facility

  • Zeiss CEM 902 Transmission Electron Microscope
    Zeiss CEM 902 Transmission Electron Microscope  This instrument is equipped with an in-column electromagnetic prism/spectrometer for bright-field operation and qualitative Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS).  
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The Electron Microscopy Facility at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science is available to all VIMS faculty and graduate students, as well as external users including those affiliated with other academic institutions and other state and federal agencies. The 1,400 sq ft. facility provides services for complete sample preparation and analyses of biological and non-biological materials by experienced personnel, or for in-depth, one-on-one training with the goal of independent operation and production of publication-quality results.


The Electron Microscopy Facility is housed in Chesapeake Bay Hall on the VIMS campus in Gloucester Point, Virginia.  The facility is operated by the Department of Aquatic Health Sciences.

Contact for Use

EM service rates are available for sample preparation and analyses as well as for "beam time" for independent scope operation once in-house training is complete. Use of the EM prep lab for sample processing is available to users once full safety training in the handling of toxic and radioactive materials is complete. 

Contact Wolfgang Vogelbein (804-684-7261, [[wolf]]) for further details and pricing information.