Sediment Transport Modeling

Members of the Sediment Transport Modeling Lab at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) conduct research to improve our ability to quantify and predict sediment transport on continental shelves over a variety of temporal and spatial scales. We are involved in interdisciplinary projects and large experiments with field oceanographers and geologists.  A recent focus has been coupling sediment transport models with ecological and geochemical models.  Current research projects include efforts to:

  • evaluate the role that physical processes play in determining spatial and temporal patterns of erodibility within the York River estuary;
  • develop and use numerical models to quantify sediment processes within the northern Gulf of Mexico, including how suspended sediments impact the dispersal of oil (see the CSOMIO Web-site); and
  • identify the oceanographic transport processes that impact sediment transport off shore of the Ayeryawady Delta, Myanmar.

We are also active in a group of oceanographers and geologists who are working to develop a community sediment transport model by developing and testing numerical models that account for sediment transport and oceanographic circulation, and couple sediment transport to biogeochemical models.

Graduate Research Opportunities

We invite inquiries from students interested in studying sediment dispersal in coastal environments.  Potential research topics include analysis of sediment redistribution offshore of rivers in Myanmar, in Chesapeake Bay, and the impacts of resuspension on biogeochemistry in the Gulf of Mexico. The research will involve analysis of field data, numerical models of sediment transport, written and oral communication skills, and possibly field work. For more details, contact [[ckharris,Dr. Courtney K. Harris]], and review the information for prospective students at VIMS.

  • Courtney Harris, Professor.
    Full C.V.
  • Danielle Tarpley, Ph.D. Candidate.
  • Matthew Fair, M.S. Student.
Past Graduate Students and Post-Docs
  • Aaron Bever, Ph.D. 2010.
  • Justin Birchler, M.S. 2014.
  • Tara Kniskern, Ph.D. 2007; Post-doctoral researcher (2010 - 2017).
  • Yanxia (Amy) Ma, Ph.D. 2009.
  • Julia Moriarty, Ph.D. 2017.
  • J.Paul Rinehimer, M.S. 2008.
  • Kehui Xu, Post-doctoral scientist (2007 - 2008).
Publications since 2008 - 2018
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  • Birchler, J.J., C.K. Harris, T.A. Kniskern, and C.R. Sherwood.  2018.  Numerical model of geochronological tracers for deposition and reworking applied to the Mississippi subaqueous delta.  Journal of Coastal Research;
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