Influx Fees and Availability

The BD Influx here at the VIMS Flow Cytometry Facility was purchased on a major research instrumentation grant from NSF.  From its inception, it was to be made availabile to a broad marine science research community.  We will work with you to make sure that you can safely and effectively use the instrument to further your research goals.  But being such a complex and expensive piece of equipment means that it has large ongoing costs to keep it running optimally.  Fees cover the costs of maintenance contracts, dedicated personnel, and all the basic supplies (sheath fluid, calibration beads, collection tubes/slides, etc.).

Pricing is currently based on hourly and daily use, and users can be easily accommodated for multiple weeks at a time.  

First time users must have full-time assistance on the first day.  Once users have been properly trained on the instrument they may use it unassisted and after normal working hours.

External Internal
Full-time assistance $165/hr or $1310/day* $115/hr or $910/day*
2hr assistance $995/day $690/day
no assistance $115/hr or $895/day $80/hr or $620/day

*Full-time assistance day is 8 hours of technician time.

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Our goal is provide broad access to this facility.  If you do not have funding to run samples you can apply to use the instrument using the fee exclusion form below.  The most common cases where this is approved are for student projects and for preliminary data for a proposal submission.

Fee Exclusion Form