Coastal and High Latitude Carbonate Chemistry

Research in the Coastal and High Latitude Carbonate Chemistry lab at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science focuses on the marine inorganic carbon cycle, with a particular emphasis on Arctic and Antarctic environments. Our work aims to quantify changes to the marine carbon system on seasonal, annual, and multi-annual timescales. We are also interested in the impacts of ocean acidification and in distinguishing between natural and anthropogenic trends.

Current research interests include:

  1. Partitioning changing carbonate chemistry in Chesapeake Bay into natural and anthropogenic drivers
  2. Comparative assessment of marine carbon cycle sensor time series in open, coastal, and estuarine environments
  3. Impact of changing East Antarctic sea-ice on primary production through links between carbon and iron cycling
  4. Resolving seasonality in carbon cycling in the coastal Southern Ocean

Our scientific approach is interdisciplinary, integrating conventional shipboard observations, new autonomous sensors, laboratory analyses, and modeling. For more details see our publications. Prospective students and postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to contact us for available positions.