• mycobassforphotoset.jpg
      Mycobacteriosis infected striped bass  
  • Dan Gonzales
    Dan Gonzales   Assembling the striped bass holding pen  
  • Dr. John Hoenig
    Dr. John Hoenig   Untangling the holding pen's net  
  • Dan Gonzales
    Dan Gonzales   Releasing the tagged striped bass into the holding pen  
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Disease Impacts: Tagging Study

What to do if you find a tagged Striped Bass


Mycobacteriosis of Chesapeake Bay striped bass is predominantly a visceral disease, infecting organs such as the spleen and kidneys of the fish. Internal signs of the disease typically include small grayish white nodules called granulomas in these organs. A small percentage of the infected fish also exhibit unsightly shallow, rough-surfaced, reddened, or darkly pigmented skin ulcers. Loss of scales is common in these ulcers. Infected fish sometimes exhibit significant weight loss. These disease symptoms are mainly observed in the summer and fall. Fish exhibiting the unsightly skin ulcers are of greatest concern to anglers.*