Monitoring Program

  • Lydia Goins
    Lydia Goins   taking scales from a striped bass and processing the fish using the Limnoterra electronic fish measuring board  
  • Lydia Goins
    Lydia Goins   Sawing into a striped bass head for otolith removal  
  • Lydia Goins
    Lydia Goins   Extracting striped bass otoliths  
  • pugnosestriperphotoset.jpg
      Pugnose striped bass  
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Striped bass collected from the monitoring sites are measured and weighed on a Limnoterra FMB IV electronic fish measuring board interfaced with a Mettler PM 30000-K electronic balance.  The board records lengths (FL and TL) to the nearest mm, receives weight (g) input from the balance, and allows manual input of sex and gonad maturity into a data file for subsequent analysis.  Scales were collected from between the spinous and soft dorsal fins above the lateral line for subsequent aging, using the method established by Merriman (1941), except that impressions made in acetate sheets replaced the glass slide and acetone.


2012 Striped Bass Annual Report