Laboratory Methods

  • gut_lab.jpg
      Multispecies Fisheries Research Diet Analysis Laboratory  
  • Striped Bass Stomach
    Striped Bass Stomach   from 2008 NEAMAP survey. Filled with Scup.  
  • otolith_lab.jpg
      Multispecies Fisheries Research Aging Laboratory  
  • Isomet Low Speed Saw
    Isomet Low Speed Saw   Used for sectioning Otoliths and cutting Vertebrae  
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The Multispecies Fisheries Research Group has processed approximately 76,000 Otoliths and 78,000 stomach samples in our laboratories at VIMS.  The number of samples processed grows everyday.

Diet Analysis  Lab

Equipped with:

  • Fume Hood
  • Motic Stereoscopes
  • Mettler Toledo Balances


Supplies used for processing stomach samples:

Scope Plastic Dishes
Scale Forceps (2)
Tray Scissors
Water Bottle Spoonula
Pencil Calipers
Data Sheets Clipboard
Trash Bin Plastic Cups
Paper Towels Gut Samples


NEAMAP Sample Data Sheet:

NEAMAP gut data sheet


Age & Growth Lab


Equipped with:

  • Buehler low-speed saws
  • Buehler Isomet 3" & 4" Diamond Wafering Blades
  • Motic Stereoscopes
  • Digital Hotplates
  • Benetec High Speed Saw System


Supplies used for processing otolith and vertebrae samples:

Scope Sandpaper / Tray
Saw Suction Cup
Stand Crystal Bond
Blades Glass Dish
DI Water Probe
Water Bottle Pencil
Hot Plate Paper Towels
Slides Razor Scraper
Squares Forceps
Slide Box