About Me

                My name is Nadya Mamoozadeh, I am a PhD student at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) located in Gloucester Point, Virginia, USA. At VIMS I am working under the advisement of Drs. John Graves and Jan McDowell on the population genetics of istiophorid billfishes. With this research, I am able to combine my interests in fisheries and genetics while studying two amazing species, striped marlin (Kajikia audax) and white marlin (K. albida). My dissertation research project has been a great way to meet people directly involved with billfish in one way or another all over the world. This research has also allowed me to gain experience with rapidly evolving genetics technology. Post-graduate school I hope to continue genetics research on pelagic and/or other marine fishes. If you’re interested in helping with this project, or just wanted to talk about billfish in general, feel free to contact me at