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Thank you for participating in the {{, Shark Research Program}} at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.

The VIMS Shark Survey uses longline fishing gear to independently monitor the demographics of commercially, recreationally, and ecologically important shark species. Most sharks caught during the Survey are externally tagged and monitored by the VIMS {{, Shark Research Program}}. The tag that you have recovered and the data associated with it will be included in our long-term tagging study in an effort to describe movement and migration patterns, and to better define critical shark nursery grounds within the Chesapeake Bay and the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Please provide the information regarding your catch using this online form, or you can report a tag by contacting the Shark Tagging Program at (mail) P.O. Box 1346, Gloucester Point, VA 23062, (phone) 804-684-7927. Once this information has been processed, you will receive a package including details about the shark you recaptured and a VIMS Multispecies Research Group Water Bottle. We appreciate your participation!
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