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  • Bay Journal, June 1, 2002:  Models help scientists understand fish-eat-fish scenarios
  • Richmond Times Dispatch, June 4, 2004:  Report on bay crabs is mixed
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  • Richmond Times Dispatch, April 18, 2005:  VIMS team can stomachs innards of bay fish:  Study of diet is raising as many questions as it is providing answers
  • WVEC-TV, April 20, 2005:  Secrets of bay fish sought in their stomachs
  • Richmond Times Dispatch, August 25, 2005:  Parts of bay can’t sustain any life
  • The Virginia Gazette, November 19, 2005:  Information-gathering visit-Photo
  • Daily Press, July 2, 2006:  Two schools of thought (menhaden)
  • Commercial Fisheries News, March 2007:  Bigelow’s trawl survey gear impresses industry
  • The Fisherman, June 19, 2008:  Surveying the Data:  A look inside the NEAMAP Project
  • National Fisherman, September 2008:  Survey breaks new ground by sampling inshore waters
  • Commercial Fisheries News, November 2008:  NEAMAP:  Taking stock aboard the Darana R
  • National Fisherman, December 2008:  Puppy love


neamap news

neamap news

neamap news

neamap news

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