Striped Bass

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     Striped Bass are found throughout Chesapeake Bay and it's tributaries year-round and these waters are the primary spawning area for Striped Bass along the Mid-Altantic coast. In the Chesapeake Bay region, Striped Bass are anadromous, meaning they migrate from ocean water to fresh water to spawn.  
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     Striped Bass spawn from April through May and the juveniles often appear in Trawl Survey catches from May to July. These juvenile Striped Bass are only about 25 mm (1 in.) long.  
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     Typically the survey does not catch many large Striped Bass since they are able to outswim the trawl gear. This 835 mm (33 in.) specimen was caught in the James River in March of 2008. It appeared to have a large abdomen, possibly an indication that it was about to spawn.  
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     Juvenile Striped Bass and White Perch (Morone americana) look very similar. In this photo, the top fish is a Striped Bass and the bottom fish is a White Perch. Both fish are approximately 40 mm (1.5 in.) in length.  
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Standard File

  • This species first recruits to the survey gear in May. 
  • The Young-of-Year cutoff values are:
    • May: 0-50 mm.
    • June: 0-80 mm.
    • July: 0-100 mm.
    • August: 0-120 mm.
    • September: 0-135 mm.
    • October: 0-150 mm.
    • November: 0-175 mm.
    • December: 0-190 mm.
    • January: 0-200 mm.
    • February: 0-200 mm.
    • March: 0-200 mm.
    • April: 0-200 mm.
  • YOY Index months are in bold.
  • The index is for Age 0 fish. The index is measured during December, January, and February following spawning.
  • Only stations in the upper portions of the rivers are used.

Data collected after the transition to a new vessel and net (June 2015) have been adjusted by a species-specific calibration factor and are denoted in gray. 

Striped Bass Excel file