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     Larval Spot enter Chesapeake Bay during the winter and spring and first recruit to the survey gear in March.  
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     Spot are bottom feeders, often eating worms, mollusks, and small crustaceans.  
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     The survey catches varying sizes of Spot depending on the location, season, and depth. On this day in June, Spot from 58-173 mm (2-7 in.) were caught.  
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     Spot are known to inhabit waters from the Gulf of Maine to Mexico and can reach a length of 29 cm (12 in.).  
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Spot Young-of-Year Indices

  • This species first recruits to the survey gear in March.
  • The index is for Age 0 fish.
  • The Young-of-Year cutoff values are:
    • March: 0-50 mm.
    • April: 0-75 mm.
    • May: 0-100 mm.
    • June: 0-135 mm.
    • July: 0-160 mm.
    • August: 0-180 mm.
    • September: 0-200 mm.
    • October: 0-200 mm.
    • November: 0-200 mm.
    • December: 0-200 mm.
    • January: 0-200 mm.
    • February: 0-200 mm.
  • YOY Index months are in bold.
  • Stations in both the upper and lower portions of the rivers and all Bay segments are used.

Data collected after the transition to a new vessel and net (June 2015) have been adjusted by a species-specific calibration factor and are denoted in gray. 

 Spot Excel file