Silver Perch

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     Silver Perch are year-round residents of Chesapeake Bay but are most adundant in September and October. Their maximum adult size is 30 cm (1 ft.).  
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     Silver Perch have small conical teeth and typically prey on polychaete worms, fishes, and small crustaceans.  
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     Silver Perch spawn from April through June along the bayside and seaside Eastern Shore. Juveniles frequently inhabit shallow sea grass beds.  
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Standard File

  • This species first recruits to the survey gear in July.
  • The only index calculated is for Age 0 fish: a few Age 1 fish are captured, but not enough to calculate a valid index.
  • The Young-of-Year cutoff values are:
    • July: 0-100 mm.
    • August: 0-130 mm.
    • September: 0-150 mm.
    • October: 0-160 mm.
    • November: 0-160 mm.
    • December: 0-160 mm.
    • January: 0-160 mm.
    • February: 0-160 mm.
    • March: 0-160 mm.
    • April: 0-160 mm.
    • May: 0-165 mm.
    • June: 0-170 mm.
  • YOY Index months are in bold.
  • Stations in both the upper and lower portions of the rivers and all Bay regions are used.
  • Bonzek et al. (1995) reported incorrectly that only river stations were used.

Data collected after the transition to a new vessel and net (June 2015) have been adjusted by a species-specific calibration factor and are denoted in gray. 

Silver Perch Excel file