Bay Anchovy

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     Bay Anchovy are the most abundant fish in Chesapeake Bay and in Trawl Survey catches. From 1955-2011, over 10 million Bay Anchovies have been recorded by the survey.  
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     The Trawl Survey encounters two species of anchovies in Chesapeake Bay, the Striped Anchovy (Anchoa hepsetus (top in photo)) and the Bay Anchovy (bottom). Both are schooling species that feed on zooplankton.  
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     The Chesapeake Bay contains many species that are difficult to distinguish from one another, especially at the larval and juvenile stages. An example shown here is the Bay Anchovy (top) and Atlantic Menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus (bottom two fish)).  
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Plot of bay anchovy indices
  • This species first recruits to the survey gear in July. 
  • The Young-of-Year cutoff values are:
    • July: 0-44 mm.
    • August: 0-51 mm.
    • September: 0-56 mm.
    • October: 0-61 mm.
    • November: 0-65 mm.
    • December: 0-70 mm.
    • January: 0-77 mm.
    • February: 0-80 mm.
    • March: 0-80 mm.
    • April: 0-80 mm.
    • May: 0-80 mm.
    • June: 0-80 mm.
  • YOY Index months are in bold.
  • All stations in the rivers, as well as the Bay, are used in calculating the Random Stratified Index.

Data collected after the transition to a new vessel and net (June 2015) have been adjusted by a species-specific calibration factor and are denoted in gray. 

Bay Anchovy Excel table