Rappahannock River

The catch index on the Rappahannock River in 2021 (3.56) decreased from the 2020 value (10.62). The geometric mean of the historical data from the 1980s (1.45) is used as a restoration target. The 2021 mean catch index is 4.02. Since catch index data from historical records is low for the Rappahannock River there is uncertainty about what an appropriate target should be. The target was reached using catch data from 1980-1993. There is little evidence of severe stock decline in the Rappahannock River. The stock is considered to be low but stable. From 2003-2014 VDGIF stocked American shad on the upper Rappahannock River using brood stock from the Potomac River. Since 2007 hatchery prevalence has ranged from 0% (2007) to 8.9% (2016) on the Rappahannock. Due to the low level of return, VDGIF ceased stocking on the Rappahannock for the foreseeable future.