James River

The 2021 catch index on the James River (0.06) is below the geometric mean of the current monitoring data (2.59). The current index is well below the peak catch index of 29.20 seen during the 1980s. For the James River a historical mean catch rate of 6.40 is used as the restoration target. There has been persistent recruitment failure of wild stocks in the system. Hatchery cohorts are believed to be recruiting in high proportions to the population. Prevalence of hatchery fish on the James River reached an all-time high of 60.5% in 2013.  Overall, the stock remains at historically low levels and is dependent on hatchery inputs. Due to budget constraints and absence of brood stock, stocking efforts have been reduced in recent years on the James River. In 2018, the stocking effort ceased on the James River.