Lindsey  Nelson

Master's Student

Email: [[v|lnnelson]]
Office: Chesapeake Bay Hall N213
Department: Fisheries Science

About Me

I hail from the University of Washington, where I studied Biology with an emphasis in Marine Biology. My undergraduate studies were enriched as an intern at the Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team, a citizen science project focused on seabird conservation, and also as a lab assistant to Dr. Adam Summers' fish biomechanics and physiology projects. After graduating in 2012, I jumped aboard commercial fishing vessels in Alaska and worked as an at-sea Observer until 2016, and then most recently as a video reviewer for preliminary implementation of electronic monitoring.

My research focus at VIMS is on fisheries genetics. Specifically, I will be examining skate population genetics, growth, and distribution in order to determine stock structure and contribute to effective management of our marine resources.