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Comparison with areas outside the Elizabeth River

Average concentrations for all monitoring stations over the 1999-2002 time period are plotted and compared (Figure). Error bars illustrate one standard deviation of the calculated mean concentration. Long-term monitoring of marina stations by VIMS has shown that average TBT concentrations have been reduced dramatically since legislation limiting TBT application was enacted in the late 1980’s. The results of current monitoring shows that many of the Elizabeth River and Hampton Roads monitoring stations now exceed the average TBT concentrations measured in marina areas.

Key Points

  • All monitoring stations had average yearly TBT concentrations that exceed the Virginia Water Quality Criteria for TBT (1 ng/L).
  • A few stations, near the confluence of the eastern and southern branches, had average concentrations that exceeded 10 ng/L or individual measurements greater than 20 ng/L. Typically, TBT concentrations in the Elizabeth River showed a gradient with the highest levels near the confluence of the Eastern and Southern Branches. (Figure)
  • The highest measured concentrations, to date, occurred on September 20, 2001 with several stations near the confluence of the Eastern and Southern Branches exceeding 20 ng/L and the highest measured concentration was greater than 70 ng/L at a station in the Southern Branch. (Figure)


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This work has been funded by the Department of Environmental Quality Elizabeth River Monitoring Program

The following people have been instrumental in the collection and analysis of samples from the Elizabeth River:

Ellen Travelstead Alex Jestel
Jimmy Greene Gregory Mears
George Vadas Dr. Drew Luellen