Elizabeth River Tributyltin Monitoring Program


The purpose of this project was to implement a study in 1999/2000 that would document the current levels of tributyltin (TBT) in the Elizabeth River and provide baseline data for future efforts to determine the trend of TBT concentrations found in the Elizabeth River Watershed. Subsequent years of sampling have documented spatial and temporal trends in TBT and are described in this report.

The VA DEQ-TRO, in collaboration with the Elizabeth River Project, has prepared an Elizabeth River Monitoring Program (ERMP) that is designed to describe the trend in envrionmental conditions relating to five areas of concern to stakeholders. The five primary areas of concern are: sediment quality; water quality; habitat; living resources; and quality of life. 

The TBT monitoring program has evaluated potential for TBT impacts on water quality in the Elizabeth River, its three brances, the Lafayette River and the lower James River.