Postdoctoral Investigators & Visiting Scientists

I am always interested in postdocs and visiting scientists joining my research group. Please send an email to Dr. Juliette Smith at with any inquiries. I also encourage interested postdoctoral candidates to seek independent funding through such groups as the National Science Foundation or National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Prospective Graduate Students:

I am looking to bring on a new motivated graduate student for a Fall 2023 start date. I welcome prospective students to contact me who have similar research interests and a degree in chemistry, environmental or marine science, biology/ecology, or an equivalent. When contacting me, please initially send me an email with your resume/CV, a brief description of your research interests, and unofficial transcripts. 

My research, and the research of students in my lab, is not limited to the specific projects described on my website, but there is generally an overlap in objectives as those are currently funded projects.  Some additional research topics I am interested in exploring include emerging toxins, trophic transfer of toxins, allelopathy and chemical ecology, ecotoxicology, impacts from nutrient pollution and climate change, co-occurring HABs/phycotoxins, seafood safety, and drinking water and aquaculture sustainability. 

As VIMS is a leading research institute in Marine Science, student research is funded through a combination of external grants, competitive VIMS fellowships, and some teaching assistantships. Please see the VIMS website for descriptions of graduate study, the application process, and departmental courses offered at VIMS.  Applicants are encouraged to seek external graduate student fellowships (National Science FoundationEPANOAAFord Foundation) prior to arriving or within the first year at VIMS.