Sarah Pease

Ph.D. Student

Email: [[skpease]]
Phone: (804) 684-7033
Office: Andrews Hall 419
Department: Aquatic Health Sciences
Advisor: {{,Dr. Juliette L. Smith}}


Master of Science in Marine Science, Aquatic Health Sciences, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, School of Marine Science, William & Mary, Gloucester Point, VA; USA

Bachelor of Science in Biology, Minor in Environment, McGill University, Montréal, QC; Canada

Current Research

I am a PhD candidate in Dr. Juliette Smith’s lab, where I research toxin-producing harmful algal bloom (HAB) species and their impacts on the commercially-important Eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica). I am also participating in a multi-year collaboration between VIMS and the Virginia Department of Health to collect much-needed baseline HAB and HAB toxin data from the Virginia-portion of the Chesapeake Bay. This information will provide a better understanding of the current spatial and temporal distribution of HAB species and their toxins, informing and improving our future monitoring efforts. 


My current research interests include: HAB ecotoxicology and the impacts of HABs on human health, aquaculture productivity, and shellfish populations. My broader scientific interests include: marine conservation, evolution and adaptation, as well as neuroscience. Science communication is a passion of mine; I enjoy teaching, mentoring young scientists, participating in outreach, and collaborating on projects with stakeholders, policy-makers, and other professionals.

In my free time I love to ski, sing opera, practice sleight-of-hand card tricks, cook, and spend time with my friends and family. 

Previous Research
Previous research
2013-2016     Alexandrium monilatum in the lower Chesapeake Bay: sediment cyst distribution and potential health impacts on Crassostrea virginica
Advisors: Dr. Kimberly S. Reece and Dr. Wolfgang K. Vogelbein


Natural selection and female choice on evolutionary traits in the Trinidadian guppy (Poecilia reticulata)
Co-Investigator: Marlee Jackson                                                                              Advisor: Dr. Andrew P. Hendry
2010 The basis for the establishment of a coastal marine park surrounding Isla Galeta
Co-Investigator: Anna Swick-Coryell                                                                      Advisors: Dr. Stanley Heckadon-Moreno and Rafael Samudio


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