Graduate Study

The School of Marine Science at VIMS offers outstanding education and research opportunities for students who seek advanced careers in academia, government, or the private sector.  

The Department of Aquatic Health Sciences provides courses and training in research themes such as environmental chemistry, environmental microbiology, toxicology, diseases of marine animals, molecular genetics and environmental risk assessement. 

Students entering the Aquatic Health program should possess a degree in natural science. Since departmental research and educational programs are interdisciplinary, incoming students are expected to have strong backgrounds in biology and chemistry. Courses in advanced biology (e.g. biochemistry, molecular biology, and genetics), chemistry (inorganic and organic), physics, and quantitative courses including calculus and probability/statistics are among those recommended. Strong writing and oral communication skills are also desirable. Students considering the Department are encouraged to discuss their academic backgrounds, research interests and career objectives with prospective faculty advisors before applying.

As VIMS is a leading research institute in Marine Science, student research (stipend, tuition, and health insurance) is funded through a combination of external grants, competitive VIMS fellowships, and some teaching assistantships.