Ryan Carnegie and Jeff Shields contribute to a special theme issue on 'Marine Disease'

The prestigious journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B recently published a theme issue entitled 'Marine Disease'. This issue compiled and edited by Kevin Lafferty and Eileen Hofmann addresses five main topics related to marine diseases: impacts, diagnosis, forecasting, management and policy. 

In this issue, Ryan Carnegie and co-authors consider the critical role of diagnostics for effective disease policy and management, emphasizing classical histology in a review article entitled 'Managing marine mollusc diseases in the context of regional and international commerce: policy issues and emerging concerns'.

Jeff Shields and co-authors investigate the role of temperature in the sea star wasting disease epizootic and the crash of sea stars following the outbreak in a research article entitled 'Improving marine disease surveillance through sea temperature monitoring, outlooks and projections'.

In addition, Maya Groner, a postdoctoral researcher in the Fisheries Department who works with John Hoenig and Jeff Shields is first author of two review articles: 'Lessons from sea louse and salmon epidemiology' and 'Managing marine disease emergencies in an era of rapid change'