A Scientist Walks Into A Bar...

This program—offered by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science—provides casual conversations on environmental topics of current interest. Join us for good food, good discussion, and good information!Dr. Drew Luellen discusses harmful flame retardants while guests enjoy dinner and drinks.

How it works
  • 6:30 - 7:00 pm: Join us to order drinks or dinner
  • 7:00 - 7:15 pm: Learn about the topic
  • 7:15 - 8:00: Keep the conversation going
Upcoming Topics
Some Like It Hot: Harmful Algal Blooms in Virginia
Tuesday September 29th, 2015

Rivers of “red” and waves that glow—what’s that about? Find out in Dr. Kim Reece’s conversation starter: Some Like It Hot; Harmful Algal Blooms in Virginia. You’ll learn about “red tides” and flashy bioluminescent organisms that many have witnessed first-hand. This casual event, held in conjunction with the Virginia Science Festival, is the perfect place to learn about the fascinating world around you, ask questions, and share your own thoughts and experiences. Held at Mike’s Place in Newport News. Registration required.

Past Topics
Big Data: Ocean Data

(October 7, 2014) VIMS joins science cafes/pubs around the state to discuss Big Data during the Virginia Science Festival. Big Data: Ocean Data will give attendees a chance to learn about world-wide oceanographic collaborations. VIMS Ph.D. student Josh Stone will kick off the conversation by sharing how and where data is collected, VIMS’ role in these efforts, and how scientists use data to answer questions about global change.

Plastic in the Ocean

(April 2, 2014) Are you brushing your teeth and washing your face with plastic? Bet you are! Marine scientist Rob Hale will start the conversation by exploring the journey of plastic debris from toothpaste to toothed whales, and everything in between.

Innovative responses to sea-level rise

(March 5, 2014) Houses that float in rising water? Flood gates 5-stories high? Molly Mitchell, lead author of the Recurrent Flooding Study for Tidewater Virginia, will kick-off the discussion with some innovative ways other countries are dealing with sea-level rise, and what may be in our future here in Hampton Roads.

Flame retardants

(February 5, 2014) How fast might the modern furnishings in our homes go up in flames? Should we be concerned about the flame retardants that end up in our air, waterways, and bodies? Firefighter and environmental toxicologist Drew Luellen will begin the conversation with surprising answers.