Seining in the estuary

  • Seigning
    Seine Catch   Layla Rose (R) learns about the creatures in her seine net from Kate Casper.   T. Ward.
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I put on waders and used big nets and small nets. Reporter Layla Rose (R) gets wet and muddy in the York River with VIMS educator Kristen Sharpe.I put the big net in the water and dragged it on the sand on the river floor. Crabs, flounder, a big crab, fish, seaweed, and shrimp all were in my net.

Miss Kate Casper told me how to use the net and where to put the sea creatures afterward. Miss Kristen Sharpe explained the sea creatures to me.

My story, with a drawing of a crab.The baby shrimp hid in the seaweed. Blue crabs molt their skin 20 times! The scientists use dip nets, microscopes, and crab traps.

I had lots of fun and I learned so much.

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