Water Usage at VIMS

Figure 1 below shows water usage for the largest buildings on campus for the period of July 2008 - January 2010.  Because we only have one year of data available, it is difficult to discern any seasonal patterns in water usage, but there does appear to be a spike in the summer.  It does seem clear that the large laboratory buildings use significantly more water than others.  It is also curious to note that the Seawater Research Lab, which has only recently seen experimental usage, is using significant amounts of water, and that (as far as we know) this does not include the seawater pumping, but is limited to the municipal water supply.

Figure 1. Water usage for top 5 highest consuming buildings on VIMS campus for period July 2008 - April 2009












Table 1 lists all of the buildings that have any appreciable usage from June 2008-January 2009.   It is potentially important to note that the buildings listed are from accounting, and may not accurately reflect all of the buildings being serviced; we are working on rectifying that. Especially striking is the absence of Nunnally, which in both electricity and propane are heavy energy users.


Total (1000s of gallons)

CBH 25,121  
MRL 22,663
SRL 22,481  
Watermen's Hall 6,385  
Franklin Hall 4,094  
Maintenance Building 6,397 Includes 2 month water line break; without the break, usage would be ~1,350
Maury Hall
Pollock House
Clayton House
FSL (old Jefferson Hall)
Holben House