Propane Usage at VIMS

Much like electricity usage, most buildings appear to follow a seasonal pattern, with more propane being used to heat buildings in the winter (see Figure 1).  The exception to this appears to be Andrews Hall, which has had more propane delivered in the summer time.  This is presumably because the air is heated year-round in order to be dehumidified.   Also note that cumulative propane usage over the past calendar year (January 2009 - December 2009) for CBH is much higher than all of the other buildings (see Table 1 below), but the overall seasonal trend appears to be decreasing usage.

Figure 1. Propane usage for the 4 largest consumers on VIMS campus.








Table 1.  Propane delivered to each building listed by Phillips Energy for calendar year 2009
Building Propane (gallons)
CBH 109,739
Andrews 86,372
Seawater Research Lab 73,778
Nunnally House 21,171
Oyster Hatchery
Franklin Hall
Finfish/SAV 4,450
Maintenance (combined) 4,068
Hoxton House 3,632
Pollock House 2,784
Boat Shed
Dive Locker 1,190
Brown House 1,072
Holben House
Wilson House
Hall House 881
Clayton House 780
Stevenson House 93

It is important to note that the buildings listed may not accurately reflect all of the buildings being serviced under these account names.  We are working to make sure each account name is appropriately lined up with all of the buildings.