After Hours Lectures


The Next Generation of Seagrass Research

Dr. Chris Patrick, Assistant Professor at VIMS, discusses how his team is working to understand seagrasses and address the challenges to their growth and persistence in Chesapeake Bay. For more than 40 years VIMS has led one of the most successful seagrass monitoring and restoration programs in the world. Our long-standing research program has greatly contributed to the science community’s understanding of seagrasses and the factors that threaten their survival.

RecFish: Engaging Anglers as Community Scientists

VIMS scientists Lisa Kellogg and Eric Hilton discuss development of the RecFish app, winner of the VIMS Innovation Fund awards in 2019 and 2020. RecFish will aid in fisheries management by providing fish population data gathered by anglers. Get an insider's look at how this tool can help in collecting important information about Chesapeake Bay fishes living in structured habitats, which are often missed in scientific sampling.