Brandon Conroy

Ph.D. Student

Email: [[bconroy]]
Phone: Office: 804-684-7117 Lab: x7839
Office: CBH S213
Department: Biological Sciences

Research Interests

I'm involved in the ANACONDAS project which aims to understand the role that nitrogen fixing microorganisms play in carbon export in the Amazon River plume and associated regions of the Atlantic.  My specific area of interest is understanding the zooplankton ecology and structure in the Amazon plume and the associated regions of the Western Tropical Atlantic. In collaboration with other investigators on the project, I aim to determine grazing and export rates specific to the zooplankton communities in and out of the plume. I'll also be tracing nitrogen through the system by analyzing isotopic signals in zooplankton as well as using genetic methods to identify direct grazing on nitrogen fixers in this region. I also have an interest in the community structure of deeper zooplankton in the meso and bathypelagic depths in order to further understand carbon transport to depth in the Amazon River plume.