VIMS PhD Dissertations

Open Access

Da, Fei Impacts Of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition And Coastal Nitrogen Fluxes On Chesapeake Bay Hypoxia
Goldsmith, William Characterizing The Biological Impacts And Human Dimensions Of The U.S. East Coast Recreational Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Fishery
Arfken, Ann


The Eastern Oyster Microbiome and its Implications in the Marine Nitrogen Cycle embargoed until 12/18/18

Du, Jiabi

Impact of Climate Variation and Human Adaptation on the Physical Transport Processes and Water Exchange in Chesapeake Bay

Huynh, Quang

Extensions and Applications of Mean Length Mortality Estimators for Assessment of Data-Limited Fisheries

Irby, Isaac

Using Water Quality Models in Management - A Multiple Model Assessment, Analysis of Confidence, and Evaluation of Climate Change Impacts

Kaufman, Daniel Using High-Resolution Glider Data And Biogeochemical Modeling To Investigate Phytoplankton Variability In The Ross Sea
Moriarty, Julia

The Role of Seabed Resuspension on Oxygen and Nutrient Dynamics in Coastal Systems: A Numerical Modeling Study

Parsons, Kristene

Age, Growth and Reproduction of Western North Atlantic Butterfly Rays (Myliobatiformes: Gymnuridae), with the Description of Two New Species

Spackeen, Jenna

Impact of Climate Change Variables on Nutrient Cycling by Marine Microorganisms in the Southern California Bight and Ross Sea, Antarctica

Stratton, Mark Spatiotemporal Abundance Patterns And Ecological Drivers Of A Nearshore U.S. Atlantic Fish And Invertebrate Assemblage
Wang, Zhengui The Development and Proliferation of Summer Algal Blooms in the Oligo/Poly-Haline Portion of the Chesapeake Bay - Observational and Numerical Modeling Studies
Wood, Meghan

Juvenile Blue Crab (Callinectes Sapidus) Response To Altered Nursery Habitat

Ye, Fei

Developing Efficient High-Order Transport Schemes for Cross-Scale Coupled Estuary-Ocean Modeling

Chak, Tin Chi Solomon Reproductive Altruism, Social Diversity And Host Association In Sponge-Dwelling Snapping Shrimps, Synalpheus
Conroy, Brandon Zooplankton Community Composition And Grazing In The Amazon River Plume And Western Tropical North Atlantic Ocean
Glaspie, Cassandra Marine benthic predator-prey interactions and global change
Hudson III, Herman Development of forested wetland ecological functions in a hydrologically controlled field experiment in Virginia, USA
Laumann, Katie May Sturgeon (Acipenseridae) phylogeny, biogeography and ontogeny
Murphy, Anna Effects of commercial clam aquaculture on biogeochemical cycling in shallow coastal ecosystems
O'Connor, Alison Biogeochemistry Of Redox-Sensitive Elements In The Subterranean Estuary
Shen, Xiaoteng Modeling Flocculation and Deflocculation Processes of Cohesive Sediments
Stone, Joshua Population Dynamics Of Gelatinous Zooplankton In The Chesapeake Bay And Sargasso Sea, And Effects On Carbon Export
Colden, Allison Biophyscial Control of Oyster Reef Performance in Chesapeake Bay
Cammer, Sarah Storm Event Impact on Organic Matter Flux, Composition and Reactivity in Taskinas Creek, VA
Deary, Alison Ontogeny of the Feeding Apparatus and Sensory Modalities: Relationship to Habitat Differentiation Among Early Life History Stage Drums (Sciaenidae) in the Chesapeake Bay
Lefcheck, Jonathan The Use of Functional Traits to Elucidate the Causes and Consequences of Biological Diversity
Lisa, Jessica Linking Structure and Function of Microbial Communities Responsible for Sedimentary Nitrogen Processes in North Carolina Estuaries
Martin, Jennifer Phylogeny, ontogeny and distribution of the ribbonfishes (Lampridiformes: Trachipteridae)
Schloesser, Ryan Condition of Juvenile Fishes in Estuarine Nursery Areas: Measuring Performance and Assessing Temporal and Spatial Dynamics with Multiple Indices
Clardy, Todd Phylogenetic Systematics of the Prickleback Family Stichaeidae (Cottiformes: Zoarcoidei) Using Morphological Data
Loftis, Derek Development of a Large-Scale Storm Surge and High-Resolution Sub-Grid Inundation Model for Coastal Flooding Applications: A Case Study During Hurricane Sandy
Pondell, Christina Sediment and Organic Carbon Burial in Englebright Lake, CA over the Last Century
Rodriguez-Calderon, Cielomar Ecosystem Service Potential Capacity Scenarios: Effects from Sea Level Rise and Management Practices, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
Sobocinski, Kathryn Fishes in Seagrass Habitats: Species Composition, Trophic Interactions, and Production
Then, Amy Studies of Mortality Estimation 
Baer, Steven Seasonal Nitrogen Uptake and Regeneration in the Water Column and Sea-Ice of the Western Coastal Arctic
Bickel, Samantha Abundance, Structure and Function of Zooplankton-Associated Bacterial Communities within the York River, VA
Buchheister, Andre Structure, drivers, and trophic interactions of the demersal fish community in Chesapeake Bay
Cartwright, Grace Application of Acoustics and Optics for the Characterization of Suspended Particulate Matter within an Estuarine Observing System
Kraatz, Lindsey Acoustic and sedimentological investigations of seabed conditions and related bio-physio-geological parameters in a tidally energetic, fine-grained environment : York River Estuary, Virginia
Lake, Samuel Modeling the Formation of Periodic Hypoxia in Partially Mixed Estuaries and its Response to Oligotrophication and Climate Change
Ralph, Gina Quantification of nursery habitats for blue crabs in Chesapeake Bay
Sutter, Lori Effects of saltwater intrusion on vegetation dynamics and nutrient pools in low-salinity tidal marshes, Pamunkey River (Virginia, USA)
Tulipani, Diane Foraging ecology and habitat use of the northern diamondback terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin terrapin) in southern Chesapeake Bay
Quidort, Wenda Detection and Infectivity of Human Adenovirus in Wastewater Effluent, Biosolids, and Shellfish, and its Persistence in Estuarine Water
Xiao, Yongjin A biogeochemical data assimilative modeling study in the Mid-Atlantic Bight
Gardner, Lance Positive and Negative Feedbacks Within Zostera marina Beds Within the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
Henderson, Mark Movements, Growth, and Mortality of Chesapeake Bay Summer Flounder Based on Multiple Tagging Technologies
Lynch, Patrick Habitat and Fish Population Dynamics: Advancing Stock Assessments of Highly Migratory Species
Pierce, Lila Poverty Shelf, New Zealand from the Holocene to present : stratigraphic development and event layer preservation in response to sediment
Relles, Noelle A Case Study in the Effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs): the Islands of Bonaire and Curacao, Dutch Caribbean
Teng, Yi-Cheng Developing an Unstructured Grid, Coupled Storm Surge, Wind Wave and Inundation Model for Super-regional Applications
Xu, Xiaoyu Ecologically-framed Mercury Database, Exposure Modeling and Risk/Benefit Communication to Lower Chesapeake Bay Fish Consumers
Blake, Rachel Effects of Anthropogenic Stressors and Changes in Biodiversity on Lower Chesapeake Bay, VA USA Seagrass Systems
Holloman, Erica A community-based participatory assessment of fish consumption and dietary mercury exposure along the lower James River, Virginia USA
Killberg-Thoreson, Lynn A tale of two blooms : dynamics of nitrogen uptake by harmful algae in the eastern Gulf of Mexico and York River, Virginia, USA
Lohan, Katrina Pagenkopp Molecular genetic studies of Hematodinium sp., a parasitic dinoflagellate of the blue crab, Callinectes sapidus
Prosser, Christopher Effects of Concurrent Phenanthrene and Mycobacterium marinum
Exposure in the Zebrafish (Dania rerio)
Spier, Candace Development and Application of an Antibody-Based Biosensor for the Detection of Petroleum-Derived Compounds
Sturdivant, Kersey The Effects of Hypoxia on Macrobenthic Production and Function in the Lower Rappahannock River, Chesapeake Bay, USA
Verissimo, Ana Patterns of Population Sturcture and Historical Dispersal in Squaloid Sharks: a Species-Level Approach Using Molecular Markers
Wang, Jincheng Mercury Exposure Assessment of South River Floodplain Birds
Bever, Aaron Integrating Space-and TIme-Scales of Sediment-Transport for Poverty Bay, New Zealand
Burke, Russell Alternative Substrates as a Native Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) Reef Restoration Strategy in Chesapeake Bay
Elliott, David Copepod Carcasses, Mortallity and Population Dynamics in the Tributaries of the Lower Chesapeake Bay
Gaylor, Michael Bioavailability of Biosolids and Consumer Product-Associated Polybrominated Dipheny Ether (PBDE) Flame Retardants to Terrestrial Invertebrates
Gillett, David Effects of Habitat Quality on Secondary Production in Shallow Estuarine Waters and the Consequences for the Benthic-Pelagic Food Web
Harwell, Heather Habitat Complexity and Habitat Function of Native (Crassostrea virginica) and Non-native (C. ariakensis) Oysters in the Chesapeake Bay Region
McGrath, Patrick The Life History of Longnose Gar, Lepisosteus ossous, an Apex Predator in the Tidal Waters of Virginia
Smith II, Stanley Jarrell Fine Sediment Dynamics in Dredge Plumes
Tozzi, Sasha Photobiological Studies of Ross Sea Phytoplankton
Chen, Da Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether Flame Retardants in Birds of Prey from the U.S. and China
Cho, Kyoung-Ho A Numerical Modeling Study of Barotropic and Baroclinic Responses of the Chesapeake Bay to Hurricane Events
Hardison, Amber Interactions Between Macroalgae and the Sediment Microbial Community: Nutrient Cycling Within Shallow Coastal Bays
Horodysky, Andrij Comparative Sensory and Energetic Ecology of Sciaenid Fishes and Their Competitors in Chesapeake Bay, VA
Jarvis, Jesse Function of Seed-Bank Ecology in Mid-Atlantic Semi-Annual and Perennial Zostera marina L. Beds.
Ma, Yanxia Continental Shelf Sediment Transport and Despositional Processes on an Energetic, Active Margin: the Waiapu River Shelf, New Zealand
Saba, Grace The Role of Copepods and Heterotrophic Dinoflagellates in the Production of Dissolved Organic Matter and Inorganic Nutrients
Wozniak, Andrew Characterization and Deposition of Aerosol Organic Matter in the Eastern United States
Douglass, James Community Dynamics in Submerged Aquatic Vegetation: Intermediate Consumers as Mediators of Environmental Change
Ha, Ho Kyung Acoustic Measurements of Cohesive Sediment Transport: Suspension fo Consolidation
Hewitt, David Natural Mortality of Blue Crab: Estimation and Influence on Population Dynamics
Lovko, Vincent Pathogenicity of the Purportedly Toxic Dinoflagellates Pfiesteria piscicida and Pseudopfiesteria shumwayae and Related Species
Wilson, Stephanie Mesopelagic Zooplankton Feeding Ecology and Effects on Particle Repackaging and Carbon Transport in the Subtropical and and Subarctic North Pacific Ocean
Kniskern, Tara Shelf Sediment Dispersal Mechanisms and Deposition on the Waiapu River Shelf, New Zealand.
Long, W. Christopher Hypoxia and Macoma balthica: Ecological Effects on a Key Infaunal Benthic Species
Saba, Vincent Bottom-up and Climatic Forcing on the Nesting and Foraging Ecology of Leatherback Turtles (Dermochelys coriacea)
Shields, Amy R. Biogeochemistry and Phytoplankton Dynamics in the Ross Sea, Antartica
Ihde, Thomas
Development of generalized index-removal models, with particular attention to catchability issues
Mansfield, Katherine Sources of Mortality, Movements and Behavior of Sea Turtles in Virginia
Gedamke, Todd Developing a Stock Assessment for Barndoor Skate (Dipturus laevis) in the Northeast United States
Pohlman, John Sediment Biogeochemistry of Northern Cascadia Margin Shallow Gas Hydrate Systems
Mezin, Laurent Effects of Humic Acids and Salinity on Pesticide Bioavailability and Toxicity as Estimated by SPME and Toxicity Tests
Nestlerode, Janet Evaluating Restored Oyster Reefs in Chesapeake Bay : How Habitat Structure Influences Ecological Function
Rhode, Jennifer Microevolutionary processes in Chesapeake Bay (Virginia, USA) Eelgrass, Zostera marina L
Bilkovic, Donna Marie Assessment of Spawning and Nursery Habitat Suitability for American Shad (Alosa sapidissima) in the Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers
Lee, Guan-hong Across-shelf sediment transport modeling and its application to storms at Duck, North Carolina
Orrell, Thomas M. A molecular Phylogeny of the Sparidae (Perciformes: Percoidei)
Wood, Robert J. Synoptic Scale Climatic Forcing of Multispecies Fish Recruitment Patterns in Chesapeake Bay
Coles, William C. Aspects of the Biology of Sea Turtles in the Mid-Atlantic Bight
Frankic, Anamarija A Framework for Planning Sustainable Development in Coastal Regions: An Island Pilot Project in Croatia
Nizinski, Martha Caribbean Spiny Lobster and Their Molluscan Prey : Are Top-down Forces Key in Structuring Prey Assemblages in a Florida Bay Seagrass System?
Garrison, Lance The Influence of Nutritional Stress and Physical Transport on the Zoeae of Estuarine Crabs
Lowerre-Barbieri, Susan Life History and Fisheries Ecology of Weakfish, Cynoscion regalis,in the Chesapeake Bay Region
Rheinhardt, Richard Vegetation Ecology of Tidal Freshwater Swamps of the Lower Chesapeake Bay, USA
Eldridge, Peter The Effect of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Supply Ratios and Dilution Rate on Phosphorus Uptake and Mineralization in Continuous Flow Microcosms
Schaffner, Linda Ecology of the Benthos of the Lower Chesapeake Bay
Friedland, Kevin Menhaden Distribution as Mediated by Feeding
Calder, Dale Hydrozoa of Southern Chesapeake Bay
Hargraves, Paul Species Composition and Distribution of Net Plankton Diatoms in the Pacific Sector of the Antarctic Ocean