VIMS Wallpaper

Use winning photos from the annual VIMS Photo Contest to decorate your computer desktop.

Prize Winners
Honorable Mention
Download Instructions
  1. Click photo or photo links above.
  2. Right-click (Windows) or contol-click (Mac) on image that appears. Image size is 1024 X 768 pixels.
  3. Download or save image to your computer.
Set Desktop Wallpaper (Windows)
  1. Click on Start button>
  2. Go to Settings, then Control Panel
  3. Double-Click on Display
  4. Click on Desktop Tab
  5. Click Browse to find the file on your computer (wherever you saved it), and
  6. Select how you want to see it on the screen: Center, Tile, Stretch
  7. Click OK
Set Desktop Wallpaper (Mac)
  1. From Apple menu open System Preferences
  2. Select "Desktop & Screen Saver"
  3. Select image from Pictures folder or  iPhoto library
  4. Select how you want to see it on the screen: Fit to Screen, Fill Screen,  etc.
  5. Close window