The colors used in the logo—VIMS blue and teal—are bold, sophisticated colors that should be used consistently across all pieces where color printing is possible and in all digital media. Together, these two colors are an important visual cue that will help lend consistency and strength to VIMS' communications. The supporting colors are inspired by natural elements and are meant to compliment the logo, while adding uniqueness and allowing flexibility within each collateral piece or digital media component.

VIMS Colors


PMS 294, R: 0 G: 70 B: 127 #00467f


PMS 3145, R: 0 G: 136 B: 164 #0089a4

Stormy Gray

PMS 5425, R: 115 G: 153 B: 177 #7399b1

Sea Blue

PMS 645, R: 105 G: 154 B: 197 #699ac5

Sky Blue

PMS 537, R: 188 G: 206 B: 226 #bccee2


PMS 4535, R: 219 G: 208 B: 167 #dbd0a7


PMS 7413, R: 235 G: 123 B: 40 #eb7d28

Marsh Green

PMS 5673, R: 101 G: 113 B: 75 #65714b

Slate Gray

PMS Cool Gray 10, R: 84 G: 88 B: 97 #545861

VIMS Color Guidelines

All of the colors can be used in large solid blocks and can be screened back to various tints.

While the logo colors should not be altered, text can be set in any of the darker colors.

What to Avoid
Use of Sky Blue/Sand on Light Background

Never typeset text in Sky Blue or Sand unless on a darker background. Also, do not use Sky Blue for text on a solid area of Sand or vice-versa.

Use of Dark Fonts on Dark Background


Never use the darker colors on a dark background.

Typesetting in Multiple Colors


Never typeset words in multiple colors.


For any questions regarding the use of VIMS' color palate, please contact News & Media Services.

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