Bay Scallop Project Spring 2013

  • Spawn #1  NC_Core13 N=15 adult bay scallops Average hinge to lip length = 63.7 mm Spawn date: April 23, 2013  Photo by VIMS-ESL
  • Day 2  D-stage larvae (straight hinge veliger) 81 µm {{http://www.vims.edu/esl/research/bay_scallop_restoration/field_growout/index.php, Test}}  Photo by VIMS-ESL
  • Day 6  Early umbo larvae 135 µm  Photo courtesy of VIMS ESL
  • Day 8  Late umbo larvae 164 µm  Photo courtesy of VIMS ESL
  • Day 10  Eyed larvae (pediveliger) 182 µm  Photo courtesy of VIMS ESL
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Adult scallops are spawned and cultured in the hatchery on the campus of the VIMS Eastern Shore Lab in Wachapreague. Scallop larval development is completed within 8 to 10 days.