Field Grow-out

  • Old Cage
    Old Cage  VIMS researchers retrieve old cages from South Bay during the field grow-out phase of the Bay Scallop Restoration project.  Photo by ESL
  • Field Grow-out
    Field Grow-out  An old cage retrieved from Cedar Island.  Photo by ESL
  • Scallop Restoration
    Scallop Restoration  Field Grow-out bags.  
  • New Bags
    New Bags    
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  • fall2013meshinbag_475.jpg
  • fall2013bagfloatmud_475.jpg
  • fall2013baginfloat_475.jpg
  • fall2013baginbucket_475.jpg
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The field grow-out phase is the third phase in the process of rearing scallops. During this phase, scallops are reared in cages in the field where they are placed in cages in seagrass beds where they spawn, resulting in the production of millions of larvae that are intended to colonize the grass bed and ultimately establish a self-sustaining population.

The field-based nursery used for Bay Scallop Restoration project at the Eastern Shore Lab is near Cedar Island, where scallops are placed in spat bags and the bags are then placed in floats. In South Bay, the scallops are placed in mesh bags and deployed in cages within the grass beds.