Marine Life Day 2021


VIMS Eastern Shore Laboratory in Wachapreague will not be able to host Marine Life Day this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. While we are not able to welcome you onto our campus, we encourage you to explore the Eastern Shore independently and we’re here to guide you! This year’s program will provide you with resources to explore our local marine environments on your own and opportunities to learn more about the research conducted at the lab.

Starting September 13 (or anytime), grab friends or family members and get outside to see what life you can discover in our local marine habitats. Visit a public access site, go for a walk on land you have permission to access, or take a second glance at an unusual fish you reel in on a family fishing trip. Post pictures on our Facebook page of critters you haven’t seen before, don’t know the name of, or have more questions about. The staff at VIMS will be standing by to help you identify your discoveries and will provide more information about them.

 We have curated a list of public sites on Virginia’s Eastern Shore where you may have access to beaches, wetlands, maritime forests, marshes, the Bay, or the Ocean. There are sites in both counties and on the bayside and the seaside of the Eastern Shore, so take a look at our site list to decide which site(s) will be best for you to visit. Some sites allow for more access to the shoreline than others.

 Between September 13th-24th, VIMS Eastern Shore Lab will have activity and info packets available for participants to enjoy and learn from. The packets will contain at-home marine science-related kids’ activities and crafts as well as common species information that may be useful on your own Marine Life Day adventure. To receive a packet, you must register online. The packet(s) can then be picked up at the lab in Wachapreague or sent digitally via email for use at your convenience. Teachers may also register on behalf of a class in order to receive packets for their students!

 Additionally, during this two-week timeframe we will be sharing summaries of research projects conducted at our lab. Explore our VIMS ESL website to learn more about what we’ve been up to at the lab over the past few years.

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To stay up to date on event details and to share your discoveries anytime, visit us on Facebook.