(usually two hours in duration)
  • What is a fish larva?
  • Development and ontogenetic state
  • An overview of teleostean phylogeny
  • Embryology, hatching, growth and metamorphosis
  • Foods, feeding, predation
  • Physical Processes
  • Mortality, cohort dynamics and recruitment theory
  • Ichthyoplankton assemblages and fisheries oceanography
  • Condition, growth, energetics
  • Culture, stocking, restoration
  • Egg and larval surveys, applications
(usually four hours in duration)
    • Phylogeny and development of Elopomorpha: Elopiformes, Albuliformes, Notacanthiformes and Anguilliformes
    • Phylogeny and development of Clupeiformes, Ostariophysi, Salmoniformes,  Osmeriformes and Argentiniformes
    • Phylogeny and development of Stomiiformes and Aulopiformes
    • Phylogeny and development of Myctophiformes, Lampridiformes and Polymixiiformes
    • Phylogeny and development of Paracanthopterygii: Gadiformes, Lophiiformes and Ophidiiformes
    • Phylogeny and development of Acanthomorpha: Stephanoberyciformes, Zeiformes, Beryciformes, Scorpaeniformes and Dactylopteryformes
    • Phylogeny and development of Smegmamorpha
    • Phylogeny and development of Perciformes (I)
    • Phylogeny and development of Perciformes (II)
    • Phylogeny and development of Perciformes (III)
    • Phylogeny and development of Pleuronectiformes and Tetraodontiformes
    • Otolith aging
    • Foods and feeding

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