Major Advisor & Department

Policy in Catalog:
Degree Requirements in the School of Marine Science Graduate Catalog - Major Advisor
Roles and Responsibilities of Students, Advisors, and Committees
Select a Major Advisor and Declare a Department
Request a Change in Advisor


General information:

All entering students are assigned an interim advisor. This is the faculty member who committed to sponsoring your program of study and training as part of the admission process. To make it official, you must formally select your major advisor and declare your department within 8 months of your program start date. We recommend that you complete the form by the beginning of the spring semester (for students entering in the fall).

You will use the same form if you wish to designate co-major advisors.

In unusual circumstances a student may wish to identify a new major advisor, or switch departments. Any student who is considering a change, either before or after completing the Major Advisor Selection milestone, is encouraged to contact the [[ad-as, Associate Dean of Academic Studies]] as early in the process as possible.

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