Fellowship for Crustacean/Blue Crab Research

Contact:  [[v|rom, Dr. Romuald Lipcius]]

Full Description

The Willard A. Van Engel (WAVE) Fellowship was established to promote and attract individuals of outstanding ability to conduct graduate research leading to an advanced degree in William & Mary's School of Marine Science at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS). Applications are being accepted for an initial award period from 1 July 2019 through 30 June 2020. Support for subsequent years is contingent on satisfactory progress. For 2019-2020 the stipend is $25,000 plus tuition and research funds.

The successful applicant is expected to pursue a Ph.D. degree aimed at crustacean research issues of importance to the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem, with emphasis on key issues in blue crab ecology and fishery science. Potential research areas include but are not limited to: (i) ecosystem services of natural and restored oyster reefs for blue crab production; (ii) climate change effects on the blue crab population and its habitats in Chesapeake Bay; and, (iii) biotic and physical drivers of blue crab population dynamics. Further questions about possible research topics may be directed to Prof. Romuald Lipcius using the email link above.

Applications should be submitted through the School of Marine Science, and state that the applicant wishes to be considered for the WAVE Fellowship. In addition, a separate letter should be emailed to the WAVE Fellowship Board, c/o Ms. Cathleen Cake (, Office of Graduate Studies. The letter should explain how the applicant is qualified to conduct crustacean/blue crab research, and describe specific research issues that are of interest to the applicant. In addition to the basic academic qualifications and research experience expected of applicants to the doctoral program, a Master of Science degree and quantitative/mathematics skills are preferred. The successful applicant will produce a report for the award period within 1 month of the completion of the award period, and is expected to acknowledge the support of the Willard A. Van Engel Fellowship in publications and professional products.