Wetlands Condition Assessment Tool (WetCAT)

  •  Wetlands Condition Assessment Tool (WetCAT)  
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  •  Obtaining water samples during National Wetland Assessment  
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The Virginia Institute of Marine Science, in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, developed a service capacity impairment (SCI) model that provides for comprehensive wetland condition assessment analysis scalable from the individual wetland to the entire state.  WetCAT is a state-of-the-art, nationally recognized, spatially specific, online interactive Wetland Condition Assessment Tool.  WetCAT provides a water quality and habitat condition assessment for each individually mapped nontidal wetland in Virginia (approximately 196,000 polygons and over 1.2 million acres) and allows VA DEQ staff and others a scientifically-based GIS process for evaluating projects that could impact wetlands.  WetCAT also includes tidal marsh and shoreline condition information. The goal of WetCAT is to support decision-making, allow reporting of wetland condition, and provide information for policy development.