Shoreline Management Model – SMM

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A GIS model that predicts the best management practices for a shoreline and where living shorelines are suitable, using available map data and decision tree logic.  Shoreline conditions factored into the Shoreline Management Model include:

  • Presence or absence of natural buffers – tidal marshes, beaches, riparian forests, submerged aquatic vegetation SAV
  • Bank height
  • Nearshore bathymetry
  • Wave exposure (fetch)
  • Existing defense structures and proximity of upland development

SMM Version 5.1 (2019) adds:

  • New recommendations for existing bulkheads & revetments 
  • Fetch model revisions
  • Presence of submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) 


This model has been funded, in part, and at various stages, by the VIMS' Center for Coastal Resources Management, the NOAA RESTORE Science Program, and NOAA's Coastal Zone Management Program in Virginia.