TLP for Marshes at Risk


CBNERR was fortunate to be part of a collaborative research project that connected reserves across the U.S. to examine thin layer placement (TLP) of sediment as a climate adaptation strategy for marshes at risk from sea level rise. 

Building on the capacity for long-term monitoring and standardized monitoring approaches, reserves, like CBNERR, are ideal living laboratories for testing innovative approaches to marsh restoration across a range of diverse tidal marshes.  Over the last two plus years, CBNERR (along with the seven other reserves) tested the use of TLP with a plot-based experimental approach, developing guidance to inform future research and restoration projects that use this technique.   

Some of the major findings of this study, along with brochures and guidance documents, can be found at .  A link to a recent webinar on the project through the NOAA Restoration Webinar Series, can be found at