Advisory Board

The NOAA/NERRS Coastal Training Program (CTP) is a coordinated effort between NOAA/NERRS and multiple partner agencies.  The goal of this coordinated effort is to provide a comprehensive and technically based education and training program to support decision-makers responsible for protection and management of coastal resources.  One component of the CTP is to develop Reserve specific advisory boards that assist in development, design, and implementation of the program.

Roles and responsibilities of the Advisory Board include (1) program guidance and vision, (2) review of strategic CTP documents, (3) review of existing and planned education material and training programs, and (4) policy and program recommendations. The Advisory Board is composed of individuals from the Commonwealth's key coastal resource management agencies, Virginia Sea Grant, NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office and NEMO representatives, selected individuals from local planning districts and nongovernmental organizations, and selected CBNERR and VIMS staff. The Reserve's CTP Coordinator serves as the Advisory Board's chairperson. Membership to the Advisory Board is through a one-year voluntary appointment.