Stacy Aguilera Stacy Aguilera is a Biological Sciences major with an honors concentration in Marine Biology from Stanford University. She is specifically interested in ecology and conservation and hopes to use her research experiences towards international marine policy in the future. Stacy is an avid scuba diver, earned her Divemaster certification in 2007, and is expecting to further connect diving with her studies.
Caitlin Adams Caitlin Adams is a Biology major and English literature minor from Swarthmore College. Having held a strong interest in aquatic and marine environments since early childhood, she is currently interested in marine conservation—especially the preservation of Chesapeake Bay. This summer, she is working with Dr. Kimberly Reece in the marine and aquaculture molecular genetics lab at VIMS.
Austin Allen Austin Allen is a Senior at the College of William and Mary and is a double major in Business Administration and Environmental Science. He has an interest in all aspects of marine biology and conservation. He has participated in several bottlenose dolphin satellite-tagging and health-assessment projects in Bermuda and Sarasota, FL, with Mote Marine Laboratory. He is especially interested in tropical coral reef conservation and the global threats coral reefs are facing. He is an avid SCUBA diver and founder of the William and Mary SCUBA Club. 
Sammy Allen
Sammy Allen is a rising senior studying biology at Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina. His interests are in ecology, and he hopes to go into mountain or restorative ecology. He grew up camping and fishing and loves being in the outdoors. His interests include ultimate frisbee, disc golf, tennis, road and mountain biking, hiking, and traveling. He is orginially from Lexington, South Carolina.
Alex Brett Alex Brett attends College of the Atlantic in Maine where he majors in Human Ecology. For much of his life he has been fascinated by the workings of the ocean, and is particularly interested in marine ecology and fisheries science. He is an avid SCUBA diver and sailor, and hopes to be able to incorporate diving into his studies in the future. He is working in the VIMS Fisheries Department with Dr. Mary Fabrizio and her PhD student, Mark Henderson.
Hadley McIntosh Hadley McIntosh is a rising senior Chemistry major and Environmental Studies minor at the College of St. Benedict/St. John's University. Originally from Minnesota, she is excited to see the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. This summer Hadley is working with Dr. Elizabeth Canuel looking at the biochemical composition of algae from the York River and the VIMS Boat Basin. She hopes after graduation to do sustainable agriculture work outside of the U.S. before coming back for a graduate degree focusing on either soil or water science.
Summer Intern Coordinators

Schaffner, Linda C.
Professor and Associate Dean of Academic Studies
Email: [[linda]]
Phone (Associate Dean): (804) 684-7105
Phone (Research Office): (804) 684-7366
Office: Watermen's Hall 246 (Associate Dean), Andrews Hall 114 (Research)
Affiliation: Office of Academic Studies and Biological Sciences

Rochelle Seitz

Seitz, Rochelle D.
Research Associate Professor
Email: [[seitz]]
Phone: (804) 684-7698
Office: Andrews Hall 331
Department: Biological Sciences
Interests: Predator/prey dynamics; nursery habitat and food availability for blue crabs.