VIMS Websites A-Z


  1. Physical Sciences
    The Physical Sciences Department includes physical oceanography, geological oceanography, and chemical oceanography/marine geochemistry.
  2. Public Programs
    VIMS and its federal partners serve the citizens of Virginia and the mid-Atlantic region by offering a wide variety of free public programs, both on the VIMS campus in Gloucester Point and at venues throughout Hampton Roads and the lower Chesapeake Bay region.
  3. Prospective Students
    This site offers a collection of links of interest to prospective students.
  4. Papua New Guinea - MARGINS Study
    This website provides information on the New Guinea/Northern Australia Margins Study.
  5. People Search
    This Webstite allows you to search for people at VIMs by their name, building, telephone number, or email address
  6. Pfiesteria
    This website provides current highlights of VIMS Pfiesteria research.
  7. Phaeocystis antarctica
    This website provides information on the ESCAP - Ecology of Solitary and Colonial Antarctic Phaeocystis Project.
  8. Phytoplankton Ecology
    Our research interests are in phytoplankton ecology and biogeochemistry, and the processes that link the two.
  9. Privacy Policy
    This website provides the privacy policy for the VIMS website.
  10. Public Tours
    This website provides information for weekly public tours to learn more about VIMS.