VIMS Websites A-Z


  1. Oyster Hatchery
    The heart of ABC's breeding effort lies in its hatchery capability at VIMS' main campus in Gloucester Point.
  2. Observing Systems - Chesapeake Bay
    This website provides information on the Virgina Estuarine & Coastal Observing System.
  3. OIE Reference Lab
    This website provides information on the VIMS OIE Reference Laboratory for the molluscan diseases Haplosporidiosis and Perkinsosis.
  4. Dissolved Organic Matter IN the Ocean (DOMINO)
  5. Sources of Organic Matter in Chesapeake Bay
    This link leads you to the pdf of "An Introduction to Culturing Oysters in Virgina".
  6. Oyster Gardening
    Oyster gardening is growing oysters non-commercially in your backyard, or at least in the rivers and streams of the Chesapeake Bay.
  7. Oyster Monitoring Programs
    This website provides more information on Molluscan Ecology Program and Oyster Monitoring Programs
  8. Oysters, non-native, monitoring and trials
    Researchers at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) have developed an independent program to monitor the status of the oysters at each of the VSC's commercial grow-out sites.
  9. Oyster Pathobiology
    To help oysters combat disease, the Oyster Pathophysiology Laboratory is focusing on the interactions between the oyster and the protozoan parasite, Perkinsus marinus, by studying the defense system of the oyster and identifying the factors contributing to the parasite's virulence.
  10. Oyster Aquaculture Training
    This website explains everything you need to know about the VIMS OAT Program.
  11. Oyster Reef Communities
    This website provides information on the Oyster Reef Communities.