VIMS Websites A-Z


  1. Internships
    VIMS offers wonderful internship opportunities for high school and college students.
  2. ICCCR
    This is the website of the VIMS Initiative for Coastal Climate Change Research.
  3. Ichthyological Collection
    VIMS has one of the largest and most diverse collections of marine and estuarine temperate zone fishes from Nova Scotia to North Carolina.
  4. Insurance
    This website provides information on the risk management programs of VIMS other than automobile insurance and workers compensation.
  5. International Partners
    Collaborations are an important part of VIMS' efforts to tackle the challenging issues of coastal marine science in the coming decades. VIMS is delighted to have these international partnerships and anticipates successful and fruitful outcomes from our joint efforts.
  6. International Students
    This website is designed to give international students the information that they may need as they plan their trip to America, and adjust to this culture.
  7. Isabel
    This website provides an article on the effects of Hurricane Isabel.
  8. ITNS- Internet Technology and Networking Services
    ITNS is responsible for the overall stability and management of the VIMS network.
  9. IVARS - Interannual Variations in the Ross Sea
    IVARS (for Interannual Variability in the Ross Sea) is a 5-year project to learn more about year-to-year changes in the biology, physics, and chemistry of Antarctica's Ross Sea.